Upcoming Feature Articles

While we wait for the final tally of the 2016 ADGTour we thought we would give everyone a chance to see what we hope to offer to the competitive disc golf community in Alberta:

  • Player features – We want to help you get to know your local competitive disc golfers. Be they active PDGA members, or local heros.
  • Product reviews – We have a whole province full of smarty pantses. There are numerous resources on the web, but we want to bring some local wisdom to the discussion.
  • Course features – get to know the battlefield. We want to highlight the courses that are part of the ADGTour through interviews with the winners, losers, and course stewards.
  • Community Features – Get to know the many clubs and organizations involved in the ADGTour.  It doesn’t take a village, it takes a whole Province.
  • Sponsor Features – Learn more about the businesses and organizations that make the tour possible.

We’d appreciate it if you could quickly complete this poll to make sure we start off on the right foot. Thanks!

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4 comments on “Upcoming Feature Articles”
  1. Kelly Sereda says:

    Would be nice to see features on courses and under which club they are managed, backstory on how they came to be, etc. Might be a valuable resource for those seeking to create new courses or just to document our history.

    1. Lobo says:

      Stay tuned for the Albertadiscgolf.com relaunch 😉 It will focus on the clubs, courses and community of disc golf in alberta. The ADGTour site will focus on the tour specifically.

  2. Old guy says:

    If it’s a PDGA event ( A,B,C tier) could we not adhere to PDGA tournament rules instead of just the ones the tournament director wants to enforce. There’s only one way to get nationals and that would be folling ALL PDGA TOURNAMENT RULES ALL THE TIME.

    1. Lobo says:

      This isn’t really on the topic of the “Upcoming Feature Article” Poll, but I’ll assure you that we will have a survey together for the 2016 ADGTour event participants in the next week or so. We look forward to your detailed feedback when the time comes.

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