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Here are some handy tips to get you started with the 2017 tour season. It’s by no means the end all tour prep list, but it’s a good start for those of you wanting to plan your season!

All ADGTour events will be PDGA sanctioned in 2017. This is significant! We’ve also got twelve events this year, so it’s important we give you as much information as possible!

Before we start let’s introduce you to a few of the folks running things:

Rudy Falconer – Alberta PDGA Rep
Wally Ovalle – ADGTour Tour Director
Lobo (ccmcburney) – ADGTour communications and such.

We’ve got a whole list of TDs to share too, but let’s keep things focused:


So you might notice that the majority of events are getting pre-registration up sooner than they might have last year. We’re pushing for  pre-registration so we can limit the volume of event day distractions for both the TD and the competitors. See our schedule for the open pre-registrations here. At the bottom of this post are a few points we’d like to share with you about pre-registration. We hope you take the time to read through it if you’re still on the fence regarding it’s introduction.

Do remember: There is a $10 discount on all player fees for active PDGA members. This is just one of many benefits. We’ve added two additional sections to this post so you are aware of the important bits!


One of the major obstacles to getting to these tour events is finding accommodations. As a PDGA member you receive a great discount on bookings with Wyndham Hotels.

You’ll find most ADGTour events are in locations that feature several Wyndham properties. Please use the information below to reserve your room, it’s the only way to get the membership benefit!

Discount ID Number: 1000005546
Website: click here
Phone number: 1-877-670-7088

If you don’t have a spot to crash for the weekend and you don’t want to break the bank, try and group up with some of your club mates to cut down on hotel costs. Not everyone wants to camp, not everyone has a pal to stay with! This is a great opportunity for all you touring players!

Affiliate Clubs

Some of our Alberta clubs have affiliate status with the PDGA, which means you should have access to the $5 discount code!

Here is a list of the PDGA Affiliate clubs. If your club isn’t an Affiliate Club talk to your club leadership! It’s only $25 a year for a club to be an affiliate! The $5 discount provides a huge incentive if your club has more that five active tour players.

If you’re not sure who to ask send us a quick note, we’ll get you to the right person.


Folks, let’s talk Pre-registration for a quick moment.

Some of the Pros:

  • Everyone reading this has the internet, a wizard box(cellphone) and the capacity to easily register online.
  • Allowing Players to commit earlier to events allow the TD to plan ahead.
  • Limiting day of event registration means we can get things going earlier and we can avoid any unnecessary delays.

Some of the Cons:

  • Invariably there is a marginal fee for pre-registration processing.
  • Some people aren’t comfortable making purchases online
  • Some people don’t have Paypal accounts/Credit Cards

There are additional pros/cons out there, and it’s likely that the above lists will prompt debate, but let’s consider a few additional points:

  • We’ve got 4 new TDs in the mix this year. They aren’t necessarily working from a large tourney cash chest to begin with. – Pre-registration helps provide the TDs with a cash pool to work from.
  • When the TD’s know who is showing up they can better plan their events, attain sponsors, and organize other side events.

What about having a non-payment pre-registration?

  • Non-payment Pre-registration lists mean there are likely to be some no shows.
  • TD’s are forced to make predictions based on people who might/maybe/could be coming, rather than an accurate list of paid and committed players.
  • This has been a common practice in Alberta and it’s worked to a degree, but we can all do better.

If you’re really put out by having to pay in advance you can always reach out to the TD(s). You can also reach out to Wally or Lobo and they will do their best to accommodate your payments, that said, it would be much more efficient for all if we could come together and make pre-registration the norm going forward with ADGtour events.

Not all TDs are going to bother with Pre-registration, but you’re definitely going to see it more often this year than you might have in the past.

Join the ADGTour team!

Do you have some great tips for our new or returning players? We’d really like to hear from you!  If you’d like to contribute to site we are happy to help you get involved!

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    Do I need to wear clean underwear when playing in a PDGA ‘B’ tier event? Or is that only for ‘A’ tier events?

    1. Lobo says:

      Just keep your pants on, Euge.

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