The Battle is over, now the Isle

The Battle for Central Alberta

You should ask around. You really missed out. The CADGA and the Prodigy Street Team really showed their stuff out there:

  • Record numbers in attendance for Aspen Meadows DGC – 70!
  • incredibly organized, they came prepared!
  • the course was immaculately prepared and tweaked for awesome.
  • the attention to detail on the awards, whew. So good.
  • Don’t miss the ADGTour Finals this year, they’ll be back to host that at the end of Sept.

We’ll have more as soon as we can organize something with the event coordinators. They deserve some much need rest. Especially with Isle of Mull happening next weekend!

Isle of Mull

Okay, so there is only one thing you need to know at this point:

Pre-register now.

Everything else can be found here.

Look at the pretty poster.

Standings and Schedule


We’re just giving things a good review before we share with the community. We’ll update things on Sunday.


PLEASE check the schedule for the available pre-registrations. We really suggest you keep an eye on this. We’re going to see events fill up over the summer.