Lost Egg – Thursday


We’re all starting to converge on Wayne. It’s going to have 110+ people on that hill of desert horrors. I mean ‘horrors’ like how people used to say ‘that’s bad’ to mean good. You’re going to have a horrible time. It’s going to be hot, you aren’t going to be able to find any Pokemon Go’s up there (there is no reception) and there aren’t any water slides.

Okay, safety talk:

  • This is a no joke ‘swearword’ing rugged course filled with cacti and heat, and struggle and glory. Emphasis on the glory.
  • PLEASE have appropriate footwear (consider a back up pair).
  • No one thinks your hair cut is cool anyway, bring a hat. You won’t regret it.
  • Cooling towels are science. If you don’t have a cooling towel Lobo is going to make a killing with his new cooling towel rental scheme.
  • Stay hydrated – beer isn’t water, it’s food.
  • THERE IS ABSOLUTELY ZERO SHADE ON 99% of the course. Umbrella > Stool

Now, local talk:

We converge on Wayne every year but we don’t seem to have many local sponsors. Help us establish some positive relationships out there in the Drumheller region. When you’re talking to folks in town, let them know why you’re in the region.

If you’re looking for anything specific ask Lobo. He’s been in every air conditioned business in the region. He’ll be able to provide the best spot to go for all your HOLY H*CK IM NOT PREPARED needs.

Talk soon!

We’ll have one more update out to the group before the event. See you out there, folks. I