Canada Day!

Folks, we’ve got a number of events over the Canada Long weekend that we’d like to share with you. Wally and Lobo and a handful of the Edmonton region guys are going to head towards Grande Prairie, but we appreciate it’s likely you all will be either heading elsewhere, or taking some time to recoup after a really busy first half of the ADGTour season.

So here are some alternatives to playing the Swan City Showdown, if you’re in the southern regions, or if your moving across the boarder for the holiday.


Our pals with the Strathmore Disc Golf Club are hosting a two day B-tier event that is likely to be pretty darn awesome. Those folks are really hoping to attract some of the Calgary folks, as their B-tier (again, B-tier) is stuffed with added cash and they’ve made a number of adjustments to the course to accommodate some additional challenges out there. It’s not that far from Calgary, and you can stop by Chestemere Landing and have some deliciousness and show your support for a business that’s supported a number of Calgary events over the years – Thanks Eddie!

If you can make it out it would be really cool. These guys are doing what they can to attract players, all we need now if for you all to give them a chance. Please see the registration and tournament information below:


Tournament Info
NEW-SITE-HEADER-12-7-2013 copy.png

Next up isn’t going to be a surprise to many of you. Serge is all set for the Canada Day. This event needs very little introduction, as the majority of the southern regions of Alberta have been attending this event for years. That said, check out the registration and tournament information linked below. I’m sorry I can’t make it, but there is a win up in Grande Prairie I need to steal from Wally and Leon. It looks like Im going to be moving on up for this event.


Tourney Info

Okay, folks. Thats the Canada Long weekend. We hope you manage to have a safe and wonderful 150th Canada Day!