River City Cup – Eleventeen spots left

Alright, so you eleven people who are showing up the day of the event… you’re only going to have small t-shirts to pick from, so I hope your pleased with yourself. It’s not Wally’s fault!

I’ve been trimming down, so I plan on wearing my small t-shirt all weekend long. Here we go:

Online Registration – Do this. Please just do this.

Digital Caddy Book – You can save this as a PDF and even print your own copy if you like.

We’ll update the Facebook group with times for Random Doubles and the like.

See you out there, folks! Event number 7!

Big Bear Classic XIX – it’s open, folks…


I’ll keep this brief, it’s Big Bear. We know you’re coming. Just make sure you get registered or you’re going to miss out. We don’t need to stinking poster, but we’ll make one anyway, just not today.

Go here at 8pm June 22 << Waitlist, we reached our soft cap of 72.

If you’re committed to making it out, show us by adding yourself to the waitlist. We’re making you put $25 down, because we want to really make sure you’re going to come if your on that list.


Rolling down the River City Cup

You all know whats happening. It’s the 20th Annual River City Cup! Wally has some updates and hopes to see some of you folks get your pre-registration on!

This is an event that has been part of this scene for a… well, 20 years. Do check the pre-registration site out, Wally has all sorts of information available, including the layout for the event, so you’ll be prepared for all the fun. You can also show your support for the event by sponsoring a hole. You’ll get so many high fives!

All pre-registered players will receive a terrific performance tee to commemorate the event. There might even be ice cream sammiches. It depends on the weather. It might be freezies instead. I don’t know that you guys eat, up there in Edmonton.



BC Open – Good Luck, folks!

It’s a pretty big day for some of our pals. Let’s all send some birdies their way this weekend, you can afford them.

The BC Open is an A-tier PDGA event. It’s a pretty big deal. Our friends in Langley have put a lot of effort and fundraising into this event. The Vancouver mainland has a really great network of clubs that work towards the growth of the sport.

Take note, folks. This is the only A-tier in Western Canada. It’s huge. It’s Western Canada Disc Golf. It’s right next door.

We’ll try and provide some updates on the FB page, but we’re also going to go to Canmore this weekend. You aren’t the boss of us.


MPO Elijah Isaac 21256 950 Calgary
MPO Troy Rayner 50662 944 Calgary
MPO Bogdan Szafranowicz 43376 953 Calgary
MPM Gregory Gatzke 59266 955 Wildwood
MPM Matt Riordan 59183 950 Banff
MPG Ron Falconer 23419 866 Calgary
MPG Howi Meeker 66709 908 Calgary
FA1 Sarah Gander 88492 766 Sundre
MA2 Nathan Gosse 88493 869 Sundre
MA2 Robin Lambert 71655 852 Red Deer
MA2 Matthew Lisac 94317 858 Edmonton

Canada Day!

Folks, we’ve got a number of events over the Canada Long weekend that we’d like to share with you. Wally and Lobo and a handful of the Edmonton region guys are going to head towards Grande Prairie, but we appreciate it’s likely you all will be either heading elsewhere, or taking some time to recoup after a really busy first half of the ADGTour season.

So here are some alternatives to playing the Swan City Showdown, if you’re in the southern regions, or if your moving across the boarder for the holiday.


Our pals with the Strathmore Disc Golf Club are hosting a two day B-tier event that is likely to be pretty darn awesome. Those folks are really hoping to attract some of the Calgary folks, as their B-tier (again, B-tier) is stuffed with added cash and they’ve made a number of adjustments to the course to accommodate some additional challenges out there. It’s not that far from Calgary, and you can stop by Chestemere Landing and have some deliciousness and show your support for a business that’s supported a number of Calgary events over the years – Thanks Eddie!

If you can make it out it would be really cool. These guys are doing what they can to attract players, all we need now if for you all to give them a chance. Please see the registration and tournament information below:


Tournament Info
NEW-SITE-HEADER-12-7-2013 copy.png

Next up isn’t going to be a surprise to many of you. Serge is all set for the Canada Day. This event needs very little introduction, as the majority of the southern regions of Alberta have been attending this event for years. That said, check out the registration and tournament information linked below. I’m sorry I can’t make it, but there is a win up in Grande Prairie I need to steal from Wally and Leon. It looks like Im going to be moving on up for this event.


Tourney Info

Okay, folks. Thats the Canada Long weekend. We hope you manage to have a safe and wonderful 150th Canada Day!

Isle of Mull – day two

One more time around the Mull-berry, folks.

  • 8:00 am Registration for Juniors
  • 8:30 am First Round for Juniors
  • 9:00 am Players Meeting — DO NOT BE LATE
  • 9:30 am Third Round Tee-Off
  • 12:00 pm Second Round for Juniors
  • 2:00 pm Awards, Raffle, 50/50 draw.

Isle Mull – Day one

Saturday June 17th

  • 8:00 am Registration – Event is capped. 90 players will be on the field this morning!
  • 9:30 am Players Meeting – DO NOT BE LATE!
  • 10:00 am First Round Tee-Off (Senior Grand Master 1st Round)
  • 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm Lunch
  • 2:00 pm Players Meeting
  • 2:30 pm Second Round Tee-Off

Course Layout

Don’t be late! Have a good breakfast! Rudecarts! Raffle!


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