BC Open – Good Luck, folks!

It’s a pretty big day for some of our pals. Let’s all send some birdies their way this weekend, you can afford them.

The BC Open is an A-tier PDGA event. It’s a pretty big deal. Our friends in Langley have put a lot of effort and fundraising into this event. The Vancouver mainland has a really great network of clubs that work towards the growth of the sport.

Take note, folks. This is the only A-tier in Western Canada. It’s huge. It’s Western Canada Disc Golf. It’s right next door.

We’ll try and provide some updates on the FB page, but we’re also going to go to Canmore this weekend. You aren’t the boss of us.


MPO Elijah Isaac 21256 950 Calgary
MPO Troy Rayner 50662 944 Calgary
MPO Bogdan Szafranowicz 43376 953 Calgary
MPM Gregory Gatzke 59266 955 Wildwood
MPM Matt Riordan 59183 950 Banff
MPG Ron Falconer 23419 866 Calgary
MPG Howi Meeker 66709 908 Calgary
FA1 Sarah Gander 88492 766 Sundre
MA2 Nathan Gosse 88493 869 Sundre
MA2 Robin Lambert 71655 852 Red Deer
MA2 Matthew Lisac 94317 858 Edmonton