…amazing. It was also a stacked month. There was Lost Egg, Big Bear, and now Falcon’s Flight is creeping around the corner. In fact it’s so close¬† pre-registration shutdown on Tuesday August 29th so you better get to it!

Summaries are best left for the end of the year. Every month feels like a saga in the making. There has been lots of movement on in the standings too!

And hey, Team Canada won the WFDF Team Disc Golf Championships this weekend. Our own Chad Gamelin was on the team knocking the international teams around like the Lil’ Bear Champ he is.¬†Wally Ovalle was keeping us up to date throughout the adventure!

Okay, here, this is what you want:

Updated Standings – August 27, 2017 are here. (Please reach out via the contact form if you have any issues, concerns, corrections to provide.)

Falcon’s Flight Pre-registration is here.

Provincial Doubles registration is here. (NOTE SATURDAY IS DOUBLES DAY).

ADGTour Finals registration is here. (NOTE ADGTour Finals is a one day event – Sunday, not Saturday.)