AO is almost capped – lookowt.

Well, who would have thunk it? I can’t begin to tell you how pleased Lobo is, not this Lobo, the other Lobo. This Lobo has all these updates to do now.

Okay, so where to start… 86/90 as of Wednesday 3:30pm May 3. That’s a pretty big deal.

We’ve got a few more spots I’d like to tell you how we’re going to do this. If you can find me one intermediate woman player I’ll sort you out with something nice. Look, I’ve already taken pickles out of burger condiment options, don’t turn me into a monster.

Speaking of which, we’ve got burgers. These aren’t Burgertime Mike burgers, but this isn’t the Island is it? So let’s just let that be the end of it. You can have them for 5$ with some other stuff. It would only be regrettable if there were milk shakes too… I’ve just been told there is no way we can do milk shakes. So bring your own. You don’t live with regret anyway.

We’ve got a villager behind an Oak Tree from Lunch through to 8:00pm Saturday and it’s likely they will be around on Sunday for a while too. Villagers, it’s something something coke no ice. Oh yes, SODA POP FOR ALL for a dollar. Maybe less… Nope, a dollar. Not the stuff the villager is bringing. That’s not soda pop, it’s sunshine in a bo.. box. I’m not making all the rules here, I’m just totally

I’m going to make you all read my words. This is the new world order. Chaos and awesome!

Fine. Pull up a chair, square. Here is the schedule and whatnot.


Saturday May 6

  • 8:00 – Sign in
  • 9:00 – Players Meeting
  • 9:30am – Round One Start
  • Lunch – $5 Burgertime Deal
  • 1:30pm – Pre-registration Raffle
  • 2:00pm – Round Two Start
  • Oak Tree Village dubpubery  open until 7:00pm
  • MARK DAKIV’s MINI-MAYHEM soon after round 2.

Sunday May 7

  • 8:30am – Open Division Players Meeting
  • 9:30am – Amateur Division Players Meeting
  • 10:00am – Amateur Round Three Start
  • Lunch – $5 Burgertime Deal – some additional dubpubery.
  • 2:30pm – Super Six (Open Division Finals)
  • Ring of Destiny or Fire, let’s agree on a name later – immediately after Super Six
  • 3:30pm – Awards
  • 4:15pm – Raffle – and this will be quick-ish*

*We’ve got a system, instead of reading the number drawn, we’re going to read all the numbers it’s not. I don’t think any of you will last very long. I’ve got a few ringers who have been listening to me for the last 2 months. They can endure anything.

The exact times shown here are subject to change and subject to my whims. I’m a benevolent and wise TD in disguise. The reality is I’ve got a great team working with me right now and I want to give them a quick mention, as they are sleeping right now and I want them to feel guilty in the morning:

Don’s Hobby Shop- Scott Bennie. This guy. You’ve got no idea just how committed someone is about disc golf until they plop a terrific supply of all the choice brands in the middle of a costume and theatrical retail store. I used choice because that’s what cool kids said when I was younger. Let me continue.

Not only is he the major sponsor of this tournament, he’s been a huge supporter of the ARMDGA efforts to date, and without his pensive and measured approach to my tenacity you’d all probably be getting ponies instead of players packs. There are a bunch of them just standing around just eating east of Lloyd Park doing nothing. Anyway. It’s important for everyone to know this guy has disc golf all over him. His second tournament was this years GBO. Lost Egg and GBO. That’s his tournament experience. So you know he’s about the sizzle and the steak. We’ve brought a little of both, and beer.

Donnie Brasco – You’ll see why, you already know why, We’re getting married. No, he wishes, then he’d have a partner for life who could defend the honor of our basement putting room. My wife wants him to also do my laundry, but instead he just helps me sort things out and makes a pretty mean trophy. You’ll see.

Twinbat Sticker Co – Cory and Sloane ‘the button masher’ at Twinbat Sticker Co really came through for this tourney. We’ve got buttons, and banners, and so much more out of this crew. They do Roc and Roll stuff and if you like Vans – not the shoes hipsters- Vantopia might be something for you.

“anyway, off to play, have fun weeding!” – DoubleRam

Two days of weeding, Mike. Two.

Bosstroyer – BBXX

Oak Tree Tavern – Stu Connor is a pal from a while back who has never hesitated to facilitate awesome. And I mean with zero delay. Mystery,  yes. Delay, no. If you’ve been in Calgary for more than 2 days you’ll probably know Stu. He’s been all up in the scene since I was totally pulling off wool suits in summer. And let me tell you, they arrest you for that now. So if you’re out and about you can visit Stu here, or here, or here. Maybe other places too.

It’s ARMDGA Calgary HQ, which means it’s ADGTour central when you’re all in Calgary. Hrmm, Isle of Mulligatawny soup! Stu, make some of that in July for us. I’ve got a good idea for a lunch special. Oak Tree does food and beer and just about everything else you’d want if you were wanting to be at a pub, or with pals. Just go there.

Mike Ramanauskas – Double Ram Discs – Mike is a complicated, delicate creative flowers stuck surrounded by children named Monster Truck, some handsome devil, and another one who is clearly the last in the line. This guy can’t have anymore kids in him, I mean three kids! Wait a minute, three juniors. Oh you clever bastard, Mike.

This guy helped me out heaps. We got to talk about all sorts of things while working through the Alberta Open stuff, and then the ADGTour stuff, and then… well there will be more, let’s not get to ahead of ourselves. Focus. I can’t say enough about his work, ethic, and tolerance for the walls of text. Hell, if I start mentioning people for that I’ll be here until the 23rd Annual Alberta Open.

Rudy Verheyde – Rudecarts – If you don’t know Rudecarts get the h*ck off my internet. It’s just that it’s getting late and that infuriates me. So we’re going to build this guy a website so you can learn that quality, innovation, and way to much time on your hands in the winter can also mean Calgary events have an incredibly rare and priceless piece of Alberta disc golf. Rudy also invented disc golf. He and his brother and some of his pals. Look it up. He’s also the only other guy I know around who’s played Dave McCormack’s Ozark Mountain tournament and lived.

Did you see how I made myself look cool like Rudy? I’m not cool. I actually finished not-worst place at that event, had double(DOUBLE) leg cramps every night, and alienated myself from a group of people for not taking my turn in the drum circle. No one is the drum major of me. This is starting to trail off a bit. I’ve got one more thing to say though!

Maybe I’ll get back to it tomorrow. It’s likely I will. Just rest assured we’re going to have a good time. The folks up there are the people who went above and beyond. I’ve got a great ARMy of people running things for me behind the scenes, they don’t even know that I know they are doing what they are doing. But they are doing it, and it’s getting done. And that was the worst sentence ever. Regardless, I’ve got words for them too. I’ll you’ll read them. You’ll read them and you’ll like it.

CUT OFF IS MAY 4th 8:00PM MST – Four of you, now, register. Refunds are no longer available. I’ve got to cut it off at one point. I’ve got a waitlist in the event someone get’s Beiber tickets at the last minute (Brasco, you can go to the next one) and has to bail.

Digital caddy books will be sent to all registered players before May 4th 11:59pm. We’ll be starting the tournament on the Alternate basket placements, so you’re going to want something to find your way around. Watch your email.

Okay. So use the internet. You’ve got it, I believe in you. Check the ADGTour site after the event and I’ll have both Spring Runoff and the Alberta points standings up so we can catch up to that.

I hope you enjoy this brief note. Don’t hurt yourself.