ADGTour Updates

So we’ve got some good news, some good news, and then some more good news. Everything is coming up pre-registration right now. Isle of Mull will come shortly, so you’ll be able to plan all your sick days and still get some long weekend disc golf in as well! Oh, there is actually, if you can believe it, even more good news.

Oh Spring. You’ve been rather kind to the tour this year. Let’s see that continue. Always be prepared, mind you. And I’ll also add the bugs aren’t awesome right now. You know those jerks are right around the corner.

We’ve updated the schedule. We’ll continue to update through this week as there is a lot coming up! We’ve got a few things cooking right now that will provide a great overview of tour stats before the end of the week.

We’ll put up a spreadsheet of the current standings as soon as we all get a chance to review the data. That should happen before long. I almost just put it up there, folks. Imagine the outrage.


2 comments on “ADGTour Updates”
  1. Eddie B says:

    Doing a fantastic job with keeping up with current events and updates!

    1. Lobo says:

      Thanks, Eddie! And thank you for being a supporter of local tournaments!

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