2016 ADGTour Finals Weekend

It’s not only the final event of the 2016 ADGTour, the 2016 Doubles Tournament alo happens this weekend! See the registration pages for more information:

Register for the Alberta Tour Championships – Saturday Sept 17, 2016

Register your team for the Provincial Doubles Tournament – Sunday Sept 18, 2016


  • There is a $5 Gate fee* that must be paid by unless you have an annual pass
  • The park hours are strickly 8am – 8pm.
  • Pack out absolutely everything you pack in
  • There is NO SMOKING in the park
  • The consumption of alcohol in the park is also prohibited
  • Dogwalkers have the right of way – have patience and be polite, we are guests

* This is a small daily fee paid to the Red Deer Lake Community Association in order to assist with the upkeep of the public walk ways, parking lot, bathrooms, waste cans and other facilities. The Annual membership only cost $25 per family.

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